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Pain Relief Solutions

First Visit

On your first visit to our office you will have some paperwork, an exam and treatment. The following will give you an idea of your first day.

Back and Neck Pain Pain Relief Specialist


On your first visit you need to have a conversation with the doctor covering your detailed history and present complaint. Your initial consultation is to see if your condition can benefit from chiropractic care, or to see if there may be another specialist that you need to see.


Evaluation and Adjustment

The doctor will then perform a focused examination of the affected area(s) that he determines are contributing to your pain and/or condition. Part of this examination might be some type of adjustments to these areas. The evaluation and adjustment are to determine the extent of your condition and to give you a prognosis of that condition. 


After you have completed a comprehensive history, physical examination and diagnostic testing, the doctor will present you his recommendations for your care. If the doctor does not accept your case he will explain to you what your particular situation is and he will give you his recommendations or referral to an appropriate professional.


X-rays will only be recommended when your personal case deems it necessary.

Special imaging techniques are used to identify the condition and severity of such things as: disc herniation/injuries, spinal abnormalities, and soft tissue conditions. 

Treatment First Day 

Patients will receive their first treatment on their first visit after the history and examination. The adjustment will actually help determine what care that might be necessary and recommended.

Home Care 

Home care instructions will be given to help you treat your condition, such things as: heat packs, ice packs, exercises, ergonomics modifications  and a “not to do” list. 

2nd Appointment Scheduled 

Scheduling the second appointment is as important as the first. It is on this 2nd visit that the doctor finds exactly how you have responded to treatment and what your future recommendations will be. The goal of the doctor's recommendations is to provide a care plan that will heal your condition as quicly as possible. Some care plans might be a s short as 3-4 visits and others longer depending on the severity of your condition.

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