Techniques/Methods Used

At The Chiro House our doctors use a varity of techniques so that each person will have the custom taylored care they need and deserve. The following is a basic discription of some of the methods used in our office.

Diversified Adjusting Technique

Diversified technique is the most common and practical method of adjusting used by chiropractors today.  This technique is defined as a “high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust.” Diversified uses the natural motion of the body’s joints to help restore the spines natural function and alignment. This technique is the preferred choice by most people due to the gentle, effective and long-lasting results.


Activator Adjusting Approach

The Activator instrument is basically a pre-loaded, spring controlled mallet with adjustable settings. By using the “Activator” instrument and methods we can delivery precise adjustments in a gentle and effective manner. This insturment is a great tool when there is soft tissue damage or other injuries. By using the Activator these areas can be treated well without further discomfort.


Trigger Point Treatment

“Trigger points” are basically contracted and non-functional areas of a muscle fiber. These tender points are mainly caused by a sub-cortical/spinal reflex causing the build-up of cellular waste in the associated muscles, leading to inflamed tissues. The reflex can be caused by several factors such as emotional, physical and chemical stressors, injuries, repeatative habits, etc. Since these points are a spinal reflex they must be treated by hand. To treat these areas a technique that feels like deep tissue massage work is used. This deep specialized pressure on these points allows the muscle to release and regains normal function. 


Somatic Exercises

Using specialized exercise methods to restore the body’s normal static and dynamic function. Retraining the muscles with basic neurophysiolgy principles allows normal muscle function to return in a very short time.

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