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Todd Y.

I'm 52 Yrs old and have been getting chiropractic treatment for over 20 years.

I've lived in 3 states and been adjusted by over 10 different chiropractors.
Dr. Guy Sandy is the BEST I've ever had!!!
Not only does he focus on any problem area's you tell him about but he adjusts your entire body during the visit...and I'm talking full body - neck through to your finger tips and down through your ankles.
He also takes the time to education you on what is causing you the pain AND provides exercises you can do to alleviate the pain or strengthen areas to avoid future injury.

Many other reviews on Google and Yelp
Rachel S.  

Dr Sandy is the best chiropractor I have ever been adjusted by.  I have been regularly been receiving chiropractic treatment since the age of 5 and Dr Sandy far surpasses any other treatment I've ever received.  And not only are his adjustments so precise and healing, he takes time to really educate you on your condition and teach you exercises and stretches you can do at home to support yourself.  Also, he's a badass ninja - literally!  He's a martial [arts] master and teacher.


Renu D.

[He’s] the best chiropractor ever.  He takes care to understand your lifestyle and makes adjustments based on that.  
He also educates you and makes an
exercise program that you can do at home. He sets you up with exercises, stretches, and posture enhancing methods and if you follow those with dedication, you may not need many chiropractic adjustments.
I don't know any other chiropractor who would ask you to heal yourself so you don't have to frequent his office.


Thom M.

I've been a regular patient of Dr. Sandy for over 3 years.  Having been treated by four other chiropractors in my life, I place him at the top of my list.

I'm physically active, and have accumulated my share of aches and pains over a lifetime of weekend warrior activities (skiing, bicycling, rock climbing).  I've benefited greatly from his care.  Initially, my visits were frequent, as it had been some 10 years since I had been to a chiropractor.  My body had fallen out of alignment and there was work to be done.  One example is when belaying a fellow climber (involves looking up for long periods of time) I was experienced considerable neck pain.  This pain is now a thing of the past.

My visits are now for tune-ups and maintenance, and the key thing about Dr. Sandy is that he encourages and guides you to taking responsibility for your own health.  He's taught me exercises and techniques to build strength and reinforce correct alignment and posture, and for this, I am extremely grateful.


Catherine H.  

My experience with chiropractors goes back about 25 years.  I started seeing Dr. Sandy about 7 months ago for an injury related problem that had changed my whole life. 

I used to hike 2-3 times a week, bike about 75-100 miles a week, work out with weights and swim.  After my injury, the pain was extreme and became worse over time, even though I was in chiropractic, physical therapy and medical care.  I finally gave up on all of it and went without anything for about a month and then started fresh with chiropractic and medical care. 

Dr. Sandy's approach (whole body, not JUST spinal) made a huge difference in my healing.  I am now starting to hike and do some short bike rides, for the first time in almost two years. 

He consistently takes more time with me, depending on my current situation when I walk into his office, as needed, until I feel there are no concerns left to address.  He is as "person-oriented" as anyone could be, and I really appreciate that he is patient in dealing with whatever my concerns are.  I would highly recommend him to anyone. 

THANK YOU, Dr. Sandy, for giving me a body that will function so as to enjoy life again!


Amy W.

I have been under chiropractic care for many years and have been treated by the worst and the best. I honestly feel that Dr. Sandy is one of the best. I came to Dr. Sandy with pain in my neck and back. I tried several other chiropractors, but found no relief. I became addicted to their manipulations and then hurt for days after or they wouldn't be able to properly manipulate me. In addition, they wanted to put me on long term treatment plans and only focused on all the things that were wrong with my body. When I asked Dr. Sandy about the ailments I believed I had from prior chiropractors, he told me nothing was seriously wrong, I just needed to strengthen my neck and showed me some exercises. When I asked how often I needed to see him, he told me nothing was really wrong, just come in when I felt I needed to and manage my stress. All the other chiropractors wanted to set up my next visit when I was just leaving a treatment, making me feel like I couldn't function without them. I have been under treatment with Dr. Sandy since (not sure) March of 2008. I use to be reluctant to recommend chiropractic care but without any hesitation I would recommend Dr. Sandy. 


R. D.

I really like Doctor Guy Sandy's approach to total body health. My posture has improved and my shoulder and neck that had been suffering since a long time, do not bother me much now.          


Johann R.

Dr. Sandy is the best. He is very sincere, takes more time to do more work than any other Chiropractor i have ever been to, and i feel better longer afterwards. Last year I really messed myself up shoveling snow, and he helped a lot with that injury too.


Beth W.

Dr. Sandy is great!  Very knowledgeable, and the best adjustment I've ever had.  My entire family seems him on a weekly basis, and we all benefit greatly from regular chiropractic care. Once you see him, you'll be hooked!



I went to countless massage therapists and 25 physical therapy sessions prior [to Dr. Sandy]…  None of it had improved my lower back pain, which was becoming worrisome since it hurt to turn and look behind while I backed out of my garage.  After just two months I can turn my back and feel nearly pain free.  I am really amazed at how quickly improvement came, especially since I experienced the back pain for a full year before seeing Dr. Sandy.  I’m hooked and eager to maintain a healthy spine! 


T. L.

I think Dr. Sandy deserves some thanks.  He really has the touch – let’s be honest, not all doctors do.        


Dianne R.

I have been seeing Dr. Sandy for over a year now.  He cares about the whole patient and educates me on various exercises, stretches, diet, etc.  I am a 52 year old active woman who believes in preventive care.  Exceptional chiropractic care allows me to continue doing the activities that I enjoy. 

After seeing Dr. Sandy, I wouldn't see a chiropractor that didn't adjust more than the spine (and neck).  I had suffered from stiff ankles, knee pain, and elbow pain among other areas for years.  Within just a few visits, my ankle pain and stiffness were alleviated.  My severe elbow pain is gone as well.  When my knees are out of alignment, it affects my back and neck areas as well. 

Because of chiropractic care with Dr. Sandy, I am able to continue to alpine ski, bike, hike, and do all the activities that tend to wreak havoc on my body.  I don't want to stop being active, which in the long term, is the best form of staying healthy.


Dan G.

“Dr. Sandy is not the kind of voodoo Chiropractor or money-grubbing hard-sell type that can give the practice a bad name. He not only knows how to diagnose problems and address them, but he won't try to up-sell you on things you don't need.

He's been responsible for fixing my back and neck problems and keeping things in line for several months now at a bargain price.”


Patrick Michelson, DC

Rocky Mountain Clinic of Chiropractic

Salt Lake City, UT

“Dr. Sandy is a specific chiropractor who carefully assesses his patients prior to recommending and providing treatment. His treatments are gentle and effective. He is a chiropractor's chiropractor.” 


Benjamin Goss, MBA

“Guy Sandy, D.C. is someone who really knows how to "move" his clients. I have been treated by a number of chiropractors over the years, but none of them approach things quite like Dr. Guy.

He is efficient, caring and his treatment produces results in very short order. I highly recommend Dr. Guy for chiropractic care. After seeing him, I always walk taller, feel more energetic and feel that my body and spirit are positively aligned.

As well, he is an excellent resource for overall fitness and nutrition which are keys to maintaining an overall better approach to health and wellness.” February 9, 2011


Lianna S.

“Thanks to Dr. Sandy's expert skill - I am pain free! He takes time to really listen to me and provides pertinent information to help me stay healthy.” 


Nancy W.

“Dr Sandy is a wonderful chiropractor whose main concern is your health and wellness. [He is] very professional and thorough. [I] highly recommend him.” 


Amanda M.  

"Dr. Sandy is the best chiropractor around! I've been seeing chiropractors for about 20 years and he is by far the best. He makes sound assessments about your body, lifestyle, and circumstances, and provides a personalized treatment accordingly. During the adjustment he educates you on anatomy, physiology and nutrition, and he recommends exercises for your particular body/issues. It's a very comprehensive and holistic approach. Also, Dr. Sandy is very affordable, even though he certainly could charge a lot more for the excellent service he provides."

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