We have some talented massage therapists who work right out of our office. Needless to say that massage has so many health benefits and when it is paired with chiropractic care you have something special. Please feel free to reach out to a therapist and schedule an appointment today!

Meet Our Massage Therapists

Each are highly trained in multiple disiplines and have many years of parctice.

Sephra Albert

Graduated in 2004 from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. 

She has since worked in physical therapy clinics, chiropractic offices, and private practice. She is passionate about learning anatomy and kinesiology, and the ways in which we can release tension to find ease and support through our movement and lives.

Beck Stephens

Quantum Shiatsu style of bodywork recognizes the multi-dimensional aspects of energy in the physical body. 

In 1988 she began 25 years of teaching Zen Shiatsu at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. 

Kate Reppucci

Deepen your connection to both your physical and energetic bodies.  My intuitive style is grounded with a great passion for and understanding of human anatomy, over 14 years of experience, advanced injury work training, and infused with Reiki Master principles.

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